Hussain Nasser Al Rahma

After completing my German Board certificate in Internal Medicine in Germany (University
Khinikum-Essen 1997) I came back to my country (UAE) and joined the Department Of Health and Medical Services-Dubai-UAE and Rashid Hospital.

Rashid Hospital is a 500-bed university hospital with multidisciplinary departments and
considered the biggest Trauma level 1 in the country. Within three years, I established the first multidisciplinary independent ICU with fully trained intensivists in the UAE.

I trained physicians as well as nursing teams to be able to formulate a unit team that could work together. Founded the department of Emergency and Critical care in 2002. Later, I worked on the development of the ambulance department and initiated the training and certifying of Dubai ambulance.

Within 2 years, I took part in establishing the paramedic program in Dubai Women College of Technology and was appointed as the medical director for the program.