Gabrielle Hanlon

Gabrielle is the ICU Research Coordinator at Epworth Healthcare’s Richmond campus, in inner Melbourne, Australia. Epworth Richmond ICU is the largest private ICU in Melbourne, and is accredited for intensivist training by the College of Intensive Care Medicine; it is affiliated with Deakin University for post-graduate critical care nurse education; it also supports medical students from the University of Melbourne.
Gabrielle has worked in ICUs in Melbourne and Adelaide as a clinician, Nurse Manager, and Research Coordinator over more than 35 years. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses and held various executive positions on its board over 30 years. During this time she also held many external appointments, especially regarding nursing workforce issues; and in 2019 she was the co-convenor of the World Congress of the WFICC.
She is passionate about nursing, and increasing nurses’ interest and involvement in research, and her current role combines de-mystifying research so that it is achievable for all ICU clinicians in the multi-disciplinary team, and enabling efficient implementation of external multi-centre RCTs.